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Friday fun poll: do you collect your tickets or passes?

Friday fun poll: do you collect your tickets or passes?

If you like, you can skip to the end of this post to answer the collecting tickets poll. I’m currently on the way to Chicago still — this is a scheduled post!

Results from last poll: signalling to a driver that you don’t want their bus

Last week I asked whether you jump to an emptier seat even if you already had a seat on transit.

And wow, people were split on this one! Slightly more (52%) say they usually stay where they are, while 48 per cent said they move to the empty seat.

It might have been a tough choice since, as many people commented, the choice is often based on your immediate situation. Here’s Philip:

I think 2 things mater when jumping seats: 1) The person you are next to, 2) how long your trip ahead of you is.

If my trip ahdead of me is long, and on the Skytrain, I like to look out at the beautiful scenery, so I would jump to an open seat next to a window.

But if I’m on the bus, and the person next to me isn’t offending me somehow, I’ll stick with them. You never know who might come sit next to you when you move, and you would be stuck there.

Sitting next to someone quietly reading is better than sitting next to someone yelling in their phone or listening to really loud music.

Eugene Wong also decided based on seatmate and the comfort of others:

I usually don’t move unless the person next to me stinks, and/or I need more room. I also consider the other passengers who want that seat. I usually try to let somebody else have a chance at it.

After somebody else sits there, I slide in next to that person, and smile. Just kidding. :^D ;^P

And as always, you can find everyone’s full comments at the original post!

This week’s poll: do you collect your tickets or passes?

Thanks to Dan B for suggesting this poll idea!

Personally I always collected my bus passes, but not tickets!


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