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Friday fun poll: how many cities have you tried transit in?

Friday fun poll: how many cities have you tried transit in?

If you like, you can skip to the end of this post to answer the poll about riding transit in other cities.

Results from last poll: collecting tickets

Last week I asked whether you collected your tickets and passes.

And out of 122 votes, the majority said they collect passes solely for the income tax deduction (56%). 39% say they just collect passes in general, and just 15% didn’t collect their tickets at all.

Well, I guess a tax cut is a great incentive to hold on to your pass! Although here’s why David Arthur saves his tickets:

I find they make nice bookmarks – at the moment, I’m using several Vancouver passes, a Toronto transfer, and a pair of Swedish railway tickets for this purpose.

And Dora said ticket collection sometimes just sort of happens.

These days I collect my passes for the tax deduction, but for a while when I was in high school/university I’d just randomly keep my transfers or passes. Sometimes I’d use a transfer as a bookmark for a while, but usually I’d just take my transfer (the old newsprint tear-off ones), folded into a little packet so I could stick it in the corner of my pocket, and put it in a box…by the time I moved out from my parents’ house and finally got rid of them, I had the equivalent of a shoebox full of folded-up transfers from high school and summers, and two years of monthly passes from university before the UPass program started at UBC.

But Nimo from Argentina gave us a reminder that smartcard technology will definitely replace our current tickets and passes — perhaps a reason to hang on to a few, if you’re nostalgic. Nimo wrote that his system only has plastic RFID tickets now: here’s a picture of the ticket and machine on a bus.

Have a look at all the comments at the original post.

This week’s poll: have you been on transit in other cities?

Since I was just in Chicago riding trains all over the region, I thought I’d put the question to you guys: how many cities have you tried transit in?

Feel free to share which cities you have been to in the comments!


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