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Friday fun trivia: what years are these tickets are from?

Friday fun trivia: what years are these tickets are from?

If you like, you can skip to the end of this post to see some classic transit tickets and tell us what year they’re from!

Results from last poll: how many stop numbers have you memorized?

Last week I asked how many stop numbers you know by heart.

And okay, at 75 votes this wasn’t our most popular poll ever. But in this poll, both extremes got the most votes.

45% said they had one number memorized, while 33% said they knew 5 or more numbers by heart. 11% knew two numbers, and 5% each knew 3 or 4 numbers.

The lack of votes could certainly be because I forgot to include “zero” as an option. There was a big outcry in the comments suggesting this would have been an popular choice! As Catherine Winters describes:

Seriously, there’s no “zero” option? :) I have them stored in my phone’s SMS app, so at least I can copy and paste the last few, but honestly, my route isn’t regular enough that I can rely on that. I’ll have to make do with good old fashioned sign reading, I’m afraid.

David also voted for zero:

I’m another zero. I know when to catch the bus that goes past my street and rarely use any of the other routes. When I need another bus I’ll check the schedule online ahead of time at home/office or, on those rare occasions when I get to SkyTrain and find it’s not running, I just go to the bus stop and wait. I see no point texting in those cases; it won’t make the bus come any sooner.

Sorry guys! I’ll do better next time. Basically, nine of 18 comments in total said “zero” would be their choice: you can read those and all the rest at the original post.

This week: trivia! What years are these tickets from?

OK, since we might all have poll fatigue by now, I thought I’d try something different: transit trivia!

Check out the tickets below: can you tell me in the comments what years they are from? (I’m really just looking for a rough estimate like “late 60s” or “early 70s” — although if you can tell me the exact year, that’s cool too.)

Classic bus tickets! Click for a MUCH larger version.
Classic bus tickets! Click for a MUCH larger version.

Here is the back view of the tickets, if you want to see those too. Next week I’ll have the answer and any background stories I can gather from people in the company :)


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