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Photos from the Central Valley Greenway event

Riders go over the Winston Overpass at the Central Valley Greenway opening. Photo by <a href=>Steve Chou</a> again!

Riders go over the Winston Overpass at the Central Valley Greenway opening. Photo by Steve Chou again!

While Oakridge Station had its open house, the Central Valley Greenway also held its opening celebration last Saturday.

Steve Chou sent along his photos of the CVG opening, which are in a handy Flickr set.

And it looks like 24 Hours did a short video of the whole path, with an interview with awesome TransLink planner Michelle Babiuk!

Plus Dora also sent along some snaps from her iPhone (click for larger versions):

Edit: Jason Vanderhill also sent along his Flickr set, including this fun photo of Michelle Babiuk :)

Thanks guys — the opening looks like it was a fantastic time!

If you have any more photos of the Greenway celebrations or the Greenway itself, please do send them my way.

And you can also click here to see the Buzzer blog’s virtual tour of the Greenway again.


  • By Alexwarrior, July 2, 2009 @ 3:07 pm

    D’oh, I wish I didn’t have to have missed this! Can’t wait to ride the Greenway, hopefully this weekend I have time…

  • By Florence, July 2, 2009 @ 9:02 pm

    That was the most fun I had in a long time. Whoever organized it (including whoever ensured that the weather was just right) deserves mad props. It would have been better if all the parts were finished at the time of opening, but there was enough staff at the messy parts of the route (mostly in Burnaby) to prevent mass chaos, and I was impressed at the rate at which signage improved in the weeks leading up to the opening. The event itself was very much fun–as my sister said, “I could do this every day, riding a beautiful route and eating free food!”

    I think the event really brought together everyone as a community. Again, good job!

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