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9am transit update for Sept 8

9am transit update for Sept 8

So it seems things are basically calm again… I’m signing off from the road but here is one final update from Drew.

COMMERCIAL-BROADWAY – lineups for the 99B-Line have reappeared … backing up to Booster Juice … still orderly‬‪
SKYTRAIN has been running with full loads, but it’s been manageable‬‪
PRODUCTION WAY – lineups have been manageable, and with buses “double-heading” to SFU, the exchange is clearing efficiently.  There was an instance where about a busload of passengers was left behind even after 2 buses pulled out full together, but with 4-minute gaps between buses, people aren’t waiting an inordinately long time.‬‪ ‬‪
CANADA LINE CONNECTIONS – ran smoothly this morning, with Richmond customers getting on at Richmond-Brighouse and occasionally missing one train to be assured of a seat on the next.  South of Fraser customers transferring from their buses at Bridgeport might miss the train coming out of Brighouse, but the one from YVR would clear the platform


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