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Happy birthday: the Buzzer blog turns one

Happy birthday: the Buzzer blog turns one

The Buzzer blog turns one year old today – can you believe it?

After just one year, this blog has over 400 posts, over 3,500 comments, and a community of sharp readers who are a genuine pleasure to connect with.

So on this occasion, an enormous thanks to all of you for reading, commenting and otherwise coming here to share. (Remember, there’s a birthday meetup on Thursday, so we can celebrate together!)

For my part, I really must say I’m proud of the blog we’ve built together. Every day, I’m glad to help you find out what’s new and where you can learn more about us and our region’s transportation issues.

Plus it’s always great to listen to what you guys have to say about everything, and it’s super nice when the blog gets a compliment or two :)

OK now, cue up a nostalgic song, and let’s take a tearful look back at some notable posts from this past year.

Thank you again for everything, and I hope to see you on Thursday!


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