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Join the Halloween party on the SkyTrain!

The 2008 SkyTrain Halloween party from the Vancouver Public Space Network. Photo by <a href=>jmv</a>.

The 2008 SkyTrain Halloween party from the Vancouver Public Space Network. Photo by jmv.

Put on your costume and board the SkyTrain this Halloween!

You’re invited to the third annual Halloween Party aboard SkyTrain, organized by the Vancouver Public Space Network (VPSN).

(Please note this is not an official TransLink event! The Lions game will have our chief attention on that day, so please be aware.)

It’s on Saturday, October 31, and here are the details from the official party page:

1. Meet at VCC-Clark station at 8:15pm. Board the train when you hear the conductor’s call. We depart at 8:30pm SHARP so arrive on time or you’ll miss the fun. Don’t forget to pay your fare.

2. The route will make a full loop on the Millennium Line, making regular stops at every station along the way.

3. Get off at Stadium station and proceed to the party location.

The “party location” is Funky Winker Bean’s Fortune Sound Club at 147 East Pender. See the official site and the Facebook event for more info!

The VPSN also had some good advice from last year that’s worth repeating: Have proof of payment, be kind to the train carrying you on the loop, remember to take everything with you when you leave, and mind your manners and keep the good vibes going—no smoking and no jumping around, especially.

For more Halloween things to do around town, check out Miss604’s Halloween post — she mentions some Halloween train rides at Stanley Park and Bear Creek Park too!

Happy Halloween to everyone, and have a spooky time on the SkyTrain!


  • By SkyTrainLady, October 27, 2009 @ 10:49 am

    As someone who was on the train last year, for anyone interested in participating this year please, please remember to leave your booze at home. Like any public space, it’s against the law to drink alcohol on SkyTrain. Plus, last year, a few spoil sports decided to throw their empty bottles and cans onto platforms. Not only is that just plain bad manners but some passengers and SkyTrain staff narrowly missed getting hit. The only way this event can happen is if people respect the rules of the system. Those rules are for everyone’s comfort and safety. Plus – trust me – the last thing you want to do is “drink” and then dance on a moving train for an hour. I saw a few green faces last year. Wait to start the ‘party’ until after you leave the train. This event is supposed to be fun after all.

  • By Shawn, October 31, 2009 @ 1:50 pm

    I wonder if tokyo Yamanote Line in Japan going to have a halloween subway party this year as well as they do it too evry year.

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