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Bus service changes coming December 14: new 99 B-Line stops and more

Bus service changes coming December 14: new 99 B-Line stops and more

The 99's getting two new stops this December!
The 99's getting two new stops this December!

Just a few bus service changes are coming on Monday, December 14, but they do include four highlights that you might be excited about.

First, the 99 B-Line will finally get stops at Arbutus St and Fraser St along the Broadway corridor! People have been asking for these stops for a long time, so it’s great to finally put them in. Woop!

Second, the #8 route will now be running only 60-foot articulated trolley buses, which will give it a much needed capacity boost. (Owing to our stabilization budget for 2010, we couldn’t increase the number of buses operating along the route, but we were able to give the #8 bigger buses instead. Yay!)

Third, the #50 False Creek South makes a triumphant return to Granville St, marking the gradual return of bus service to Granville Mall in downtown Vancouver. (Trolleys will be back on Granville in fall 2010: we’ll start installing trolley overhead there in March after the Olympics.)

And fourth, bus traffic will be greatly reduced on Saba Road near Richmond-Brighouse Station, in response to concerns from local residents. The drop comes from bus bay changes at the Richmond-Brighouse bus loop – 232 buses a day will now go down Saba Road, down from 800 per day in September.

(If you don’t know, we do these service adjustments four times a year, reflecting changing rider volumes in April, June, September, and December. And in 2010, owing to the Olympics, we’ll also do a special service adjustment for February.)

Now: details on all of these changes plus more after the jump!

8 Fraser/Downtown
Longer ‘articulated’ buses will be scheduled for all trips to increase capacity and improve service reliability.

50 False Creek South/Waterfront Station
Returns to Granville routing: southbound between Nelson St and the Granville Bridge, northbound between the bridge and Robson St.

99 B-Line Commercial-Broadway Station/UBC
New stops in both directions at Fraser St and Arbutus St!

214 Blueridge/Phibbs Exchange Station
Conventional buses will replace the smaller Community Shuttle vehicles for trips leaving Phibbs Exchange at 6:17 and 6:47 p.m., to improve capacity.

C41 Meadowtown/Maple Meadows Station/Pitt Meadows Centre
Re-routed during middays Monday-Friday and all day Saturday to serve the Bonson South residential area. Peak-period trips will nott be re-routed at this time.

N10 NightBus Richmond/Downtown
Trips to YVR-Airport (during hours when Canada Line is not operating) will include service to Bridgeport Station.

N15 Cambie/Downtown
Re-routed downtown to mirror 15 Cambie/Downtown service.

Richmond-Brighouse Station bus loop changes

A map of the new bus bays at Richmond-Brighouse Station.
A map of the new bus bays at Richmond-Brighouse Station.

Six bus routes at Richmond-Brighouse Station will be reassigned to new bus bays in response to community concerns.

Please check the revised bay assignments to know where to board your bus! (The six reassigned routes are in bold.)

Bay 1 (56546) Bay 2 (56689)
301 Newton Exchange
430 Metrotown Stn
480 UBC
C96 East Cambie
405 Cambie
407 Gilbert
410 22nd St Station
N10 Downtown
Bay 3 (61334) Bay 4 (61332)
401 One Road
403 Bridgeport Stn

C94 Richmond Oval
401 Garden City
Unloading Only
301, 430, 480, C96
Bay 5 (56480) Bay 5a (52075) Bay 6 (56451) Bay 7 (56549)
402 Two Road 404 Ladner Exchange 405 Five Road
407 Bridgeport
402 Two Road
403 Three Road
404 Ladner Exchange
410 Railway
N10 Richmond-Brighouse

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