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Golden Ears Bridge tolling registration no longer needs pre-authorized payment info

Golden Ears Bridge tolling registration no longer needs pre-authorized payment info

The Golden Ears Bridge!
The Golden Ears Bridge!

So, after monitoring the Golden Ears Bridge for the past five months, we’ve just made a change to the tolling rules to help people register for discount pricing.

Before, you had to give us your credit card info while you were registering for a Golden Ears Bridge account. But now, you can register for an account without handing over your credit card info.

So now, you can choose how to pay after you receive your bill, rather than having it automatically charged to your account.

We’re hoping this change will help people register for a tolling account. As I described in a past Quickpass post, we’re finding few people are registering, even though there’s a discount. (Currently 266,000 out of 300,000 accounts in the system are unregistered and paying the highest toll fee possible!)

Registration also helps us cut down on paper statements, because people registered with the system can opt for e-bills.

Please do remember, you can pick one of three ways to register your vehicle for the Quickpass tolling system:

  1. Lease a Quickpass transponder and save 30% off the standard toll rate. (Transponders are $1 a month plus a $10 refundable deposit.)
  2. Register as a Quickpass video customer and save 15% off the standard toll rate. (You don’t carry a transponder and your license plate is read by cameras.)
  3. Pay as you go and pay the standard toll rate.

You can register in many ways: at, call 604-460-5050 or at 1-877-299-0599 (toll free), or visit the Quickpass customer service centre in Pitt Meadows (12167 Harris Road) or Langley (12-8948 202nd Street).

And here’s the official press release and the Quickpass website for more info, too.


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