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Service improvements for the C26, C41 & C47 on Mon Feb 1

Service improvements for the C26, C41 & C47 on Mon Feb 1

OK, we do have some service improvements starting Monday, Feb 1 that have nothing to do with the Olympics. They’re just service improvements! And here they are:

C26 Belcarra/Port Moody Station

Starting February 1, selected rush hour trips will be running on Murray Street to help the C25 with its high passenger loads and better balance transit services.

Currently, the C25 is very crowded, so re-routing the C26 will give passengers another option for travelling along Murray Street. (The section of St. John’s Street that will now be missed by the C26 has a lot of transit services, including the #97, C27 and C28, so customers on this corridor will notice little difference.)

The trips that will be rerouted are:

  • the four morning rush hour trips arriving at Port Moody Station at 6:39, 7:05, 7:39, and 8:06 a.m.,
  • and the eight trips leaving Port Moody Station after 4 p.m.

C47 Alouette/Haney Place

Starting February 1, the C47 trip leaving Haney Place at 2:01 p.m. will extend its route to Yennadon Loop.

The extension adds more transit service to Alouette River Campus, which is near Yennadon Loop and needed more afternoon service. (Currently, two afternoon trips are provided, leaving Haney Place at noon and at 3:01 p.m.) This change also improves service for the nearby Silver Valley area.

C41 Meadowtown/Maple Meadows Station/Pitt Meadows Centre

In December 2009, a few non-rush-hour trips were re-routed to serve the Bonson South residential area. But starting February 1, all remaining trips will be re-routed to serve Bonson South.

The re-route addresses the community’s request for peak period transit service, since residents are currently walking over one kilometre to access public transit during the peaks! Customers living in Bonson South will have peak period service and will be able to conveniently connect with the West Coast Express.


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