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This week: how do you feel about your car?

This week: how do you feel about your car?

If you like, skip to the end of this post to take the poll about your car.

Last week: how long is your commute?

Last week’s fun post asked how long your commute was.

And the answers turned out to be rather close between all the choices! After 195 votes, here’s the result:

  • 34% said “30 minutes to an hour”
  • 33% said “an hour or more”
  • 21% said “15-30 minutes”
  • 12% said “Less than 15 minutes”

I guess this shows that most people on the blog must not live close to work, since over half are commuting over 30 minutes every day!

In the comments, we found that Stefan and Ric had the longest commutes — 2 hours each way or more (eep!).

And while Sungsu said his travel time was 0 minutes (you must work at home!), cycling kept Alexwarrior‘s travel time down:

About 8-10 mins when I get to work by bike (almost every day except the few days a year it snows hard), about 20 mins when I take the bus if I factor in not checking the schedule before going out the door (the #25 is pretty frequent at peak times so I don’t usually check the schedule). On the one hand this is very convenient, on the other hand I don’t get nearly as much reading done as I could if I lived farther away and rode a bus for longer!

Amy also mentioned reading time on transit in her comment:

Depending on my transfers, about 40 minutes each way, door to door. I read or listen to podcasts, which makes it go faster. If only I didn’t have transfer, I’d get more reading done! The M-line makes it about 20 minutes faster than it used to be. Now if only the 135 were a B-line, then my occasional trips downtown after work would be faster (nudge, nudge. I’m going to keep mentioning that every chance I get until it happens ;-) )

Cliff mentioned carpooling could help save a little time (and much money).

Another interesting commute I did for a couple months while I was attending BCIT was a carpool. My friend, a construction worker at BC Place, drove over to my house and then we took my vehicle to Downtown, utilizing the HOV lanes on St John’s, Clarke, Barnet, Inlet, and Hastings.

The time savings on that one was actually a small loss, about 10 minutes, but my costs decreased significantly. To Carpool, I was given $30 a week.

And lucky Sally actually had her commute time drop recently.

Thanks to the Canada Line, my commute from South Surrey has been cut by 30 minutes each way. At the end of the day, I can now get from my desk to my kettle at home (tea is a priority in my house) in exactly one hour!

Feel free to check out the original post to read everyone’s comments!

This week: how do you feel about your car?

Hey, I haven’t asked any driving questions around here yet! So here we go — this poll is inspired by a question I saw at, a customized recommendation site. I thought it was quite thought-provoking, so here you go!


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