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Heads up: many Olympic sports events start today, Sat Feb. 13!

Heads up: many Olympic sports events start today, Sat Feb. 13!

OK, the headline to this post sounds obvious — but it actually means something to you in terms of traffic and transit in the region!

With many sports events starting up today (only ski jumping had an event yesterday), be aware that you are going to see increased crowds on transit and more traffic around the start and end times of events, as people attend and leave the different Olympic venues.

So make sure you know what’s coming up on the Olympic competition schedule and the location of key venues, in case it may affect your journey.

Please note that there are six venues in the Lower Mainland, but many people will also be headed to departure hubs for the Olympic bus network, to head up to Whistler or Cypress Mountain.

And of course, there are various celebration sites that will be popular around the region throughout the day, especially the LiveCity sites in Vancouver, the Richmond O-Zone, and the Surrey celebration site.

Just make sure to plan ahead and leave yourself extra time to travel. There’s a multitude of travel tips to know before you go at We have also extended our transit service to help you get around for the Olympic period.

And you can keep up to date with the latest traffic info through our TransLink Twitter account and other real-time transit info tools online.


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