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A roundup of UBC Line blog posts and articles

A roundup of UBC Line blog posts and articles

The Express display on a 99 B-Line. Go go B-Line go!
The Express display on a 99 B-Line. Go go B-Line go!

Quite a number of blogs, forums and articles are talking about the UBC Line Rapid Transit Study now, so I thought I’d collect them all here in one handy post.

I’ll keep this updated as new links come along. Feel free to e-mail me if you find new links to share!

(Remember, visit to learn more and take part in the consultation!)

Blog posts

Human Transit, May 4
is speed obsolete? professor condon responds

Human Transit, April 30
streetcars and spontaneity

Vancity Buzz, April 26
Transit Options for Broadway to UBC

Rail for the Valley, April 26
The Broadway Follies – TransLink does the Gong Show

Human Transit, April 23
vancouver: a cheap fix for the network gap?

Paul Hillsdon, April 23
SkyTrain to UBC would cut travel time by 2/3

Beyond Robson, April 22
TransLink Explores a Multitude of Options for the Proposed Broadway UBC Transit Line

Human Transit, April 22
is speed obsolete?

Frances Bula, April 22
New name for Broadway Line?

The Buzzer blog, April 20
Amelia Shaw, our manager of public consultation, shares some background on the UBC Line process

Paul Hillsdon, April 20
Why Light Rail is not appropriate for Broadway

The Transport Politic, April 20
Can Vancouver Afford to Abandon SkyTrain for Its Broadway Route?

Human Transit, April 20
vancouver’s broadway corridor: mind the gap! (updated)

The Buzzer blog, April 19
We want your thoughts on rapid transit to UBC!

Frances Bula, April 18
TransLink puts out preliminary Broadway rapid-transit options, two with streetcar

Livable Region Blog, April 16
Broadway Rapid Transit ‘Alternatives’ Lacks Context & Accuracy

Zach Shaner, April 4
Vancouver: SkyTrain All the Way to UBC, An Illustrated Argument

Forum discussions

Discussion over at Skyscraper Page’s forums

Discussion at TransLink’s discussion boards

Newspaper articles

Vancouver Province, May 6
Guest column: Broadway corridor threatens repeat of Canada Line fiasco

Vancouver Courier, April 28
TransLink presents options for Broadway transit route

Vancouver Sun, April 23
TransLink looks at rapid-transit options for Broadway corridor

CBC, April 22
TransLink lays out Broadway to UBC options

The Globe and Mail, April 21
Streetcars may return to Vancouver


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