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Friday fun post: do you have a favourite bus route?

Friday fun post: do you have a favourite bus route?

If you like, skip to the end of this post to take the poll on buskers.

From last week: do you like buskers performing near transit?

Last week, I asked this question:do you like having buskers perform near transit?

There were 160 votes, and the most popular answer was “Yes” with 56%. “No” received 21% of the votes and “I don’t care” had 24%.

In the comments, most people had positive things to say about buskers, and a few suggestions. Here’s ericmk:

I really like musician buskers! Being a musician myself, I really appreciate hearing all the talent our area has. However, I don’t think I would like to see other kinds of performances during the weekdays. I don’t really have the time to stand and wait to see what a performer would be doing and I would much prefer to continue walking, but still be able to hear the performance. Perhaps on the weekends there could be non-musical performances because generally people have more time and visitors are out and about. Definitely keep up the program! :)

Although Rvie wasn’t as enthusiastic.

I don’t really care about the presence of buskers at SkyTrain stations. Sure most of them play nice music but when there’s a train I need to catch then I really need to catch that train before it leaves or gets full.

Cliff, on the other hand, was just bursting with ideas to improve the program.

It would be great to see non-musical acts or even unusual instruments. Someone who plays steel drums, or even a xylophone. (Pretty much anything that isn’t a guitar to be honest).

Bring a fellow who does the robot in gold/silver paint and have him stand in the middle of Burrard Station. Have someone do magic tricks at Granville Station.

Have someone run an organ grinder, monkey and all at Metrotown station!

How about someone on busy buses to do stand-up using the bus’ PA system? (You could even mark it in the schedules!)

Something like this done right would really make Vancouver a spectacle, and in a good way!

Check out the rest of the comments for more thoughts on the busker program!

This week: do you have a favourite bus route?

Time for a simple poll!

Feel free to champion your favourite route in the comments :)


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