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Frequent transit service maps: an invitation to draw your own

Frequent transit service maps: an invitation to draw your own

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Some time ago, Tessa e-mailed me and asked whether TransLink had any maps showing frequent service routes in the system, as suggested over at Human Transit.

The answer was sadly no, because no one is actually assigned to make this specific map right now—other projects are taking priority at the moment.

However, everybody I spoke to thought it was a good idea! It’s obviously good to know frequent routes so people can try spontaneous trips. And so, with Tessa’s blessing, I wanted to throw this out to all of you, inviting anyone interested to make a homegrown frequent transit service map for sharing.

For example, Tessa took a shot at a map above: her definition of frequent service is 15 minutes or better until 10 p.m., including streets served by two buses that together add up to better 15 minute service or better.

Feel free to comment on Tessa’s map or try making your own. And feel free to explore your own criteria for “frequent service”: coming up with the definition is a key part of the exercise, and not one that is pinned down by any means.

TransLink’s planning department has told me they are looking forward to seeing what people come up with—as am I :)


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