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Key TransLink news items from the past few weeks

One of the 48 new Mark II SkyTrains we acquired in 2009.

One of the 48 new Mark II SkyTrains we acquired starting in 2009.

In the past few weeks, a number of TransLink news releases have gone out with some important information about our organization. I wanted to highlight them here in case you missed them.

  • TransLink restructuring cuts costs to improve efficiency
    April 23, 2010 — Since 2009, TransLink has been working on restructuring itself. This release describes the new executive structure now in place, and how 96 positions (including six executives) have been eliminated.
  • TransLink Service Rationalization
    April 27, 2010 — To increase efficiency, we are launching a program called the Service Rationalization Initiative (SRI). SRI will examine bus service usage and aim to make the most efficient use of our resources in serving our customers, all within our current envelope of service hours. (Data collection is currently underway: meetings with stakeholders and the public will go ahead in the coming year, with implementation tentatively planned for next fall.)
  • Province responds to Comptroller General’s report
    April 29, 2010 — Shirley Bond, BC’s Transportation and Infrastructure Minister, announced changes to TransLink’s legislation that provide changed timelines for our planning processes. (This release is from the B.C. government, not TransLink.)
  • TransLink’s Statutory Annual Report tracks Strategic Plan Accomplishments
    April 30, 2010 — We released our 2009 Statutory Annual Report last week, which we are required by law to provide, and which contains answers to specific criteria as identified in our legislation. You can also take a look at our regular, illustrated 2009 Annual Report.

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