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New trolley wire gives 10 Hastings a small improvement, Mon May 10

Riders of the 10 Hastings/Downtown, look out for a slightly speedier ride!

CMBC Trolley Overhead has just installed some new wire on westbound SW Marine Dr at Marpole Loop. The new wire lets the 10 buses bypass Marpole Loop without deviating into the loop, meaning the 10 will now get where it’s going a little bit faster.

Before, the #10 Hastings had to run through the loop to continue along Marine Drive, since that was the only trolley wire it could use. Although it went into the loop, it didn’t use any stops, since it was continuing its route.

But now that the new wire is up, the #10 can bypass the loop!

Please note that this doesn’t change any bus stops or anything—everything else should remain the same.

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