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I Love Transit Week 2010: Marian S on 13 years of transit riding

I Love Transit Week 2010: Marian S on 13 years of transit riding

A sunrise over the SkyTrain in New Westminster.

It’s I Love Transit Week from July 12-16 — because even though there’s things we don’t like about transit, there’s much we do like! All week I’ll be sharing essays, stories, and more to celebrate transit. Come to I Love Transit Night on Thursday July 15 too – full details here!

Right after the June Buzzer hit the stands, the following e-mail was sent in by Marion S from New Westminster.

My name is Marian, and since 1997 I have lived in New Westminster, BC, since migrating to Canada with my husband Noel and our 3 children.

I have been riding the SkyTrain ever since 1997, nearly 13 years, mainly to get to work & back. My family of 5 also takes the SkyTrain & buses for their daily commute. On the second occasion of I Love Transit Week, I would like to offer my comments on SkyTrain & TransLink in general.

I must say “Congratulations” to all TransLink staff & all involved in the smooth everyday transit all around BC. I think it is the surest, fastest way to commute safely & comfortably. Transit Police and staff are quick to respond when any issue arise. They efficiently deal with the issue in question & transit keeps moving on as if nothing happened. SkyTrain delays do occur for various reasons, but they are quite rare. Bus drivers are very considerate, kind & patient with passengers, especially the elderly, always waiting until they have been safely seated.

I would recommend the SkyTrain to anyone as opposed to using their car. It is the best, green, quick & fairly comfortable way to travel. Any improvements on timing, convenient routes etc. are most welcome.

Hip, Hip, Hurrah for TransLink – Keep up the good work – we are proud of you!!

Thanks so much for the kind words, Marian!

For everyone else out there: how long have you been riding transit? How has the system served you over the years?