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TransLink news, commentary, and behind-the-scenes stories. gets a new and improved site search gets a new and improved site search

The new, prettier search results page!

If you’re searching the TransLink website, you may have notice some improvements to the site search!

As of Monday, your search results are now displayed in a nicer-looking format, with new features that hopefully enhance your search experience. One big change is that you can narrow your search down to just web pages, or documents, or social discussions (the blog, Twitter, or the forums)!

Try the site search out for yourself: enter some terms in the Search box at the top right of any TransLink page. And find out more details on the new search features below!

New search features

  • Search the whole site, or narrow your search to web pages, documents or social discussions (including the Buzzer blog, forum posts, and Twitter updates). A quick example to illustrate the difference: if you’re searching for “Buzzer,” the site search will produce all the pages on mentioning the word “Buzzer,” while searching for documents will retrieve all the PDF Buzzer files with “Buzzer” in them.
  • Sort results by relevance or date
  • RSS feeds are generated for search results so you can keep up to date
  • “Did you mean…” feature (when people mis-type or mis-spell)
  • Users can identify relevant search results using categories on the right-hand side (you can select or deselect the categories using the “x”)
  • You can go straight to searching for documents by going to the About TransLink dropdown menu, and selecting “Document Library,” which will take you to the search defaulted to Document Library.

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