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Friday fun post: what are some fun summer activities you can reach on transit?

Friday fun post: what are some fun summer activities you can reach on transit?

For this Friday fun post, let’s pick up a topic we’ve explored a bit over the years: what are some fun summer activities can be reached by transit?

Here’s one—a little while back, Dale McGladdery sent a tweet to the Buzzer pointing out that some North Vancouver walking trails are very easily accessed by transit.

Check out the North Vancouver Guide to Walks and Trails for the walks — walks E1 and E2 in Bridgman Park are close to bus stops 53963 & 54011. And walk E10 starts at Lonsdale Quay, right near the SeaBus terminal.

This Buzzer blog post from 2009 also lists some great summer getaways reachable by transit.

For example, Cow suggested these trips (make sure to bring your passport for the Point Roberts trip!):

* Point Roberts — visit the US’s geographical mistake by bus: take the 601 to 2nd and 54th in Delta, walk (or bike) through Diefenbaker Park and across the border
* Powell River — catch an early-morning 257 to Horseshoe Bay, board the Nanaimo ferry, and catch the ViaRail train in Nanaimo. (12:50pm Sundays, 10:50am the rest of the week.) The train takes you to Courtenay, and then it’s a short walk or bike ride to the Little River ferry dock. (It also works in the other direction!)

Here’s Reva:

Deer Lake in Burnaby is a happy little spot. Take the #144 SFU from Metrotown Station, get off at Canada Way & Sperling, walk a couple blocks south, and you’re there! You can walk the boardwalks & trails around the lake, rent canoes & rowboats, go fishing, or have a little picnic on the beach. There is all kinds of wildlife to see including herons, eagles, turtles, squirrels, raccoons, ducks, geese, fish, etc. It’s so quiet & pretty it’s hard to believe it’s barely a 10 minute drive from Metrotown. When you’re done at the lake, you can always walk over to the Burnaby Village Museum, Burnaby Art gallery, or the Shadbolt Centre for some arts & culture too.

And here’s Dan B:

Ooh! I’m surprised no one mentioned Bowen Island! You take the 257 to Horseshoe Bay then BC Ferries to Snug Cove on Bowen Island. You can even use your ticket/pass from the bus to get you around the island via the C10 and C11!

This means that folks from Surrey or Coquitlam and the like can take a train (SkyTrain or the WCE) then a catamaran, then a bus, then a big ‘ol ferry, then a baby bus (or Community Shuttle, to use the technical term)! Plus, who wouldn’t want to go to a little island that receives more foot traffic than cars and has romantic, picturesque-sounding places like Eagle Cliff and Snug Cove? What a peaceful, relaxing way to spend a lazy summer day…

I also put together a summer getaway special in a 2008 print Buzzer, plus there’s always the Destinations to Discover section on the website. Are there any more suggestions for summer fun reachable by transit?


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