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The Central Valley Greenway turns one year old

The Central Valley Greenway turns one year old

A section of the Central Valley Greenway in Vancouver.

In June, another of our initiatives turned one—the Central Valley Greenway (CVG)!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Buzzer’s no-sweat tour of the CVG, I highly recommend it.

First year stats

TransLink’s planning team passed along about the Greenway’s first year: it served an estimated 350,000 bike trips and 300,000 pedestrian trips in its first year, for a total of 650,000 trips. The estimates are based on three automated bike counters, two automated pedestrian counters and on one manually surveyed location—and the automated counters provide hourly counts, 24 hours a day.

So, I’m told the data shows that the seasonally adjusted number of trips on the Greenway is steadily increasing, both absolutely and in comparison to other major bike routes in Metro Vancouver. If you compare the Greenway to more established bike routes, it’s approaching the bicycle ridership of Ontario Street which is the region’s first or second busiest route.

A chart with some stats!

Annual Trips on the Central Valley Greenway, July 2009 – June 2010

Location Bikes Pedestrians
Victoria Drive (Vancouver) 253,615 158,509
Rupert Street (Vancouver) 178,602 111,626
Winston Bridge/Burnaby Lake Park (Burnaby) 54,362 63,510
Cumberland (New West) 14,600 37,960


New signage is up along the Burnaby section of the Central Valley Greenway!
The new Greenway bridge in Burnaby.

Also, in response to your feedback, new wayfinding has been created and installed along the Burnaby segment of the CVG. The sign’s a bit small in the picture, so just click here for a PDF version of some of the new green route confirmation signage. Yellow destination signage (those yellow “finger signs”) are being installed too.

As well, funding has been allocated by TransLink and the City of Vancouver for a signal at Boundary but the implementation date is not yet determined.

And YES, a new bike bridge has been installed near Still Creek Ave on the Burnaby segment of the Greenway, replacing the rather steep bridge you originally had to use! Look right to see what it looks like.


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