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Tips for smooth travel during the first weeks of September

Tips for smooth travel during the first weeks of September

Update: I’ve pulled the videos down as Reva has raised a couple of questions about privacy in the comments. Let me investigate and see if I can get them back up.

I’m still on holiday! This is a scheduled post.

Happy September! Let’s kick off the month with some useful travel advice.

Check out the video of the fall 2009 transit crowd above — we’re barrelling into that time again! So I’ve dug up some travel tips from the archives as the rush begins in the first few weeks of September.

Have a look these posts for some useful info about travel times, routes to UBC, and more. If it’s old hat to you, please share it with someone who might find it useful!

Find out more details on the September 2010 bus service changes too, which all take effect on Monday September 6 unless otherwise noted.

Check out one more time-lapse crowd video of the 99 from last October below—plus if you have any tips to share, please feel free to comment away!

(In case you’re curious, our planning department filmed these videos to help with their work :)


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