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CUTA 2010: Trans-Expo, the transit trade show

CUTA 2010: Trans-Expo, the transit trade show

A bus on a hoist from Westvac!

TransLink is hosting the 2010 Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) fall conference this week! See the CUTA 2010 category for more conference coverage.

As part of the CUTA conference, there’s a trade show called Trans-Expo, where vendors come to show off their wares. But at a transit conference, “wares” really means actual buses and transit technologies, all trucked in and put on display! Here’s some highlights from the show on Tuesday—one was definitely this community shuttle hoisted on a heavy-duty lift, made by a supplier called Westvac.

A double-decker bus from BC Transit.

A BC Transit hybrid double decker bus manufactured by Alexander Dennis was brought along for the show too.

A 27.5-foot Vicinity bus being tested by BC Transit.

And there was also a 27.5 foot bus made by Grande West, which is being tested by BC Transit. The bus is slightly bigger than a community shuttle but smaller than a regular bus, which is typically 40′ long.

Buses manufactured by Nova Bus for Viva, the bus rapid transit service in York, Ontario.

Nova Bus also brought along one of their articulated buses from Viva, a bus rapid transit service in York.

A table in the Viva bus!

The back of the Viva bus had a table by some of the seats! Do you notice the upholstery says Viva on it too?

The interior of another York Regional Transit bus.

And here’s the interior of a different York Regional Transit bus that was on display. Can you see that the back wall is upholstered with the same fabric as the seats?

The Talfourd Jones booth.

As always, there are a host of booths from companies who specialize in certain parts for the transit industry. I always find it surprising to find an entire company behind even small items—above, the company Talfourd Jones shows off its specialization in bumpers for transit vehicles!

Clean Air Technologies.

Who knew that there was a whole company making dust and fume extraction systems for the transit industry?

MGM Brakes

Or even air brakes? MGM Brakes specializes in air brakes for buses.

Canada Ticket, a fare media manufacturer.

And yes, entire companies do specialize in fare media. Canada Ticket is one of them.

Angus McIntyre with one of the TRAMS buses from the 1930s.

Last but not least, here’s our friend Angus McIntyre with one of the Transit Museum Society’s vintage buses. TRAMS had four buses at the Trans-Expo: two Brills, an old Flyer trolley, and this Pacific Stage Lines bus! Pretty neat to see the old buses being celebrated along with the new.

By the way, if you’re interested in what a trade show at a rail conference looks like, check out this past post from the APTA 2010 Rail conference :)


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