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En Route: an exhibition of (transit!) paintings by Jessica Gabriel

En Route: an exhibition of (transit!) paintings by Jessica Gabriel

Seabus Night View by Jessica Gabriel (6' x 4.5' oil, mixed media, carving on board)

Just wanted to draw your attention to En Route, artist Jessica Gabriel’s painting exhibition at the Cultch—her work features several really wonderful mixed media oil paintings of people in transit! Here a description of the show in Jessica’s own words:

The works on display in “En Route” are site specific to the city of Vancouver. The exhibition consists of several mixed media oil paintings of people in transit, along with two acrylic paintings of Vancouver’s downtown skyline. Most of the paintings in “En Route” represent the transient and isolated space often experienced while traveling by bus through the city.

For this series, I sketched those around me while I was commuting from the North Shore to Point Grey everyday. People in transit are ideal subjects for drawing, as they typically sit quite still and are often oblivious to surrounding onlookers. I also amassed many translink transfers while diligently gathering my own as well as those dropped by my fellow passengers, all of which are visibly embedded into the work.

The show is on display until Sunday, January 2, 2010 at the Van East Cultural Centre, and you can find out more about Jessica at her website.


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