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More historic SkyTrain photos from Alan M

More historic SkyTrain photos from Alan M

A couple of interesting SkyTrain ads! Photo by Alan M.

SkyTrain’s 25th anniversary celebration continues online!

After providing such a wonderful flashback to SkyTrain in 1986, Alan M has sent along some more photos of SkyTrain in its early years.

Alan’s captioned each one so as before, I will just let his words and photos speak for themselves :) Enjoy!

Main Street Station a few months before Expo opens. Photo by Alan M.
Outbound train and Expo Shuttle train at Stadium Station. Photo by Alan M.
The temporary inbound platform at New West. Large enough to accomodate a 6-car train. Photo by Alan M.
Construction has started on the first of many New West waterfront towers. Off in the distance to the left is the newly-completed Alex Fraser bridge. Photo by Alan M.
A 4-car eases into Nanaimo inbound. Notice the original height of the chain link fence that runs the length of the guideway. Photo by Alan M.
Connecting the rails east of New Westminster to the Columbia Station extension under construction. Photo by Alan M.
The first tower stretches toward the sky as work begins on the second tower. Photo by Alan M.

Thanks again to Alan M for sharing such great photos! If you have photos or other items to share, please do drop me a note at

Remember, you can check out the entire Transit History category for more photos, videos, and stories on SkyTrain’s history and more. Happy 25th, SkyTrain!


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