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SkyTrain history tidbits: memorabilia!

SkyTrain history tidbits: memorabilia!

The certificate given out for riding the prebuild, Main Street SkyTrain demonstration line! Scan kindly provided by Rob Chew.
SkyTrain tickets from 1983, 1986, and 1996! Scans courtesy of Rob Chew.

While I do have more video and photos lurking around, I don’t want to overlook sharing these memorabilia tidbits from the launch of SkyTrain 25 years ago!

Transit fan Rob Chew kindly shared these items with me a while back, and I think you’ll quite enjoy them.

Above, Rob scanned in the first rider’s certificate from the Main Street demonstration track. Staff also received an appreciation certificate that looks virtually identical: see the certificate here!

And of course, here are some classic tickets!

Rob sent along scans from the 1983 demonstration line, the 1986 first year of service, and the 1996 10-year anniversary. Boy, how times and prices have changed—just think of how much a movie cost way back then too!

(Also, if you’re so inclined, you can grab larger sized images of each ticket here — 1983, 1986, and 1996.)

The commemorative token set produced by BC Transit for SkyTrain's launch. Scan thanks to Rob Chew!

As well, here’s a scan of the commemorative token set that was produced for SkyTrain’s launch. I believe you could use the tokens in the new ticket vending machines at the time! Each token shows a different side of BC Transit’s system at the time: SkyTrain, trolleys, SeaBus, the new HandiBus accessible transit service, and the original Main Street demonstration cars. You can also see the back of the token set here.

The first day certificate from the Surrey SkyTrain extension launch in 1994! Scan courtesy of Rob Chew.

And last but not least, Rob sent along the certificate from another significant launch: the extension of SkyTrain into Surrey on March 28, 1994!

If you have any memorabilia to share, please feel free to send me an e-mail. As well, view the rest of the SkyTrain 25th anniversary history posts in the Transit History category!


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