New stop on Granville and Pender, and a tiny 28 reroute, Wed Feb 23 and Mon Feb 28, 2011

New stop on Granville and Pender, and a tiny 28 reroute, Wed Feb 23 and Mon Feb 28, 2011

Two updates for those who ride down Granville Street downtown, and those riding the 28 in the northbound direction! Pass this along if you know anyone who is affected!

New bus stop on Granville & Pender

Starting Wednesday, February 23, 2011 a new bus stop will open for northbound buses on Granville Street, at Granville and Pender Street. The stop’s new number is 58313 and will service all local bus routes that currently use the Granville Mall.

(If you’re curious, here’s a Google map pinpointing Granville and Pender.)

Minor route adjustment for the northbound 28

The tiny reroute for the 28, effective Monday, February 28, 2011. The new route is marked out in blue!

Tiny route adjustment for the 28!

Starting Monday February 28, 2011, the northbound 28 service will now go northbound on Smith Avenue between Laurel St and Canada Way, then westbound on Canada Way between Smith Av and Boundary Rd.

See the picture at right for the affected section of the route, and here’s a link to the 28’s route map to help you visualize the whole route in context.

As you may recall, this reroute was supposed to have happened as part of the December 2010 service changes, but didn’t go through because we still had to work out a few details. But now it’s finally going ahead, and the new route should offer timing improvements!

This means all northbound 28 service going westbound on Laurel St between Smith Av and Boundary Rd, and northbound on Boundary Rd between Laurel St and Canada Way will be discontinued.

So, the 28 will no longer be stopping at the following stops:

  • 51734 WB Laurel St FS Smith Av
  • 51773 WB Laurel St NS Boundary

But it will be stopping at new stops on Smith Av and Canada Way as follows:

  • 59129 NB Smith Av FS Linwood St
  • 59128 WB Canada Way FS Smith Av

For more information…

As always, for more information on these reroutes and other alerts, check out the TransLink Alerts page or call our Customer Information line at 604-953-3333!