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Stephanie Wiriahardja: Buzzer illustrator interview!

Stephanie Wiriahardja: Buzzer illustrator interview!

The February 2011 Buzzer cover illustration and its creator, Stephanie Wiriahardja!

And so we continue the fine tradition of interviewing our Buzzer cover illustrator :) Here’s Stephanie Wiriahardja, who drew the illustration on the cover of the February 4, 2011 Buzzer this year!

Tell us about yourself and your art!

I’ve always been a design and idea enthusiast and I’m currently in my final year of study (hopefully!) in Interactive Arts at SFU. I love embedding meanings and I aim to reflect my whimsical flair to all of my designs and photography works.

How did you come up with the Buzzer cover?

Hhm, I just started drawing some of my signature characters on Illustrator and modifying them. Then, I added some things I would like to see happening in the neighbourhood, such as people waving to each other and saying hi as they stroll, bike, bus through the area.

What kind of work are you doing lately and where can we see it?

I have done a few freelancing works on top of my school projects. I am also actively involved in four organizations: SFU’s own student-run creative services called MADRenegade, Vancouver Short Film Festival, Indonesian Catholic Society of BC, and 3rd Degree Theatre. As you can tell, I love challenging myself and my time management skills! :) You can check out my works on my portfolio: Oh, you can always find me on the twitter hemisphere: @mdstephanierw

Do you have a regular transit route you take? And do you have a favourite seat to sit in on the bus or SkyTrain?

Yes, I’m a transit girl! I rely heavily on transit no matter where I go. I take the Expo Line to school almost every day and seat myself wherever I can lean my head against the window, but preferably in one of those individual seats.

Thanks so much Stephanie!

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