Fun poll results: 75% report a great day on transit once a month or even more frequently!

Fun poll results: 75% report a great day on transit once a month or even more frequently!

Last week, I asked how often you had a super great day on transit — you know, a day when all your transfers line up perfectly and you make it to your destination without a hitch!

Well, after 130 votes, one-third said they had a great day once a week (33%), while 21% said every day, and another 21% said once a month. Taken together, that means 75% of poll respondents had a great day on transit at least once a month or more frequently, which is fantastic!

Bringing up the rear were the remaining options: once every quarter (13%), never (7%) and once a year (5%). (It’s heartening to hear that 93% of poll takers at least one annual good transit day!)

In the comments, a few people suggested that in fact “more than once a week” would have been a good option. Here’s Meraki:

There should have been an option between every day and once a week. I’d say I get maybe two or three trips a week where everything works out perfectly.

Same with scottclayton:

2.37 times per week on average, but I just put once per week in this poll.

And there were some great transit trip stories shared! For example, here’s Alex Stormhall:

One good trip that always puts a smile to my face is taking a 351 on the highway portion between Bridgeport Station and South Surrey Park and Ride during a sunset. Around 5pm sitting on the left (driver’s) side on a Bridgeport Station trip, you get a beautiful sunset view on the freeway, along with a nice cushy suburban bus ride!

And Ric had the most epic story of all:

It happens to me often. Just on a recent trip on the 301 Newton Exchange, I dropped my monthly fare card on the bus and didn’t realize I had dropped it.

Since the 301 that I dropped my fare card on was the first 301 that left Brighouse Stn for the day and it was also the station that I boarded the bus at, there were not a lot of people that boarded that bus.

When the driver was doing the walk through, they found the fare card. Since I got off at Newton Exchange, the last stop for the 301, the driver had a felling the pass was mine.

When the bus finished its layover at Newton Exchange and was starting its second trip back to Brighouse Station, I was still wait for my transfer bus at Newton Exchange. Since I was waiting for the 341 Langley Center, the 301 Brighouse Station and 341 Langley Center use the same stop the driver of the 301 told me that I had dropped my fare card on the bus and gave it back to me.

I didn’t even realize that I had dropped it. What a great driver!!

Make sure to take a look at the original post for all the comments! And thank you to everyone who participated in this poll, as always!