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Watch for TransLink CEO Ian Jarvis on the system next Mon Apr 4, 2011

Watch for TransLink CEO Ian Jarvis on the system next Mon Apr 4, 2011

Ian Jarvis, TransLink CEO

On Monday, April 4, 2011, look out for Ian Jarvis, TransLink’s chief executive officer, out riding the system!

Again, this is a little project we’re trying out this year: sending our executives out to talk to customers, ask for feedback, and answer questions. (In March, our COO Doug Kelsey went out: here’s what he heard.)

(Edit: To clarify, Ian usually rides the system fairly regularly, but this specific outing is about proactively talking to customers, rather than just being a fellow rider.)

Ian will be out at about 9:30 a.m., focusing on the Surrey region: he’s planning for stops at Surrey Central, Newton Exchange, Scottsdale Exchange, and Scott Road. You’re invited to submit your questions in advance via the blog here.

And on the day of Ian’s trip, you can follow his progress via our Twitter feed: Erin McConnell, our manager of corporate communications, will be tweeting about Ian’s ride periodically. At that time, you can also send in questions to our TransLink Twitter feed.

We’ll have a wrap-up note here on the blog: ETA still to be determined as I’m away next week.

And as always, feel free to offer your feedback on this initiative as it unfolds. We want to hear your thoughts on this project and how we can make it better!


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