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Northern Voice 2011

Northern Voice 2011

Last week, I checked out the annual personal blogging and social media conference known as Northern Voice. The volunteer-run event at UBC is all about expanding the blogging and social networking community and learning from your peers. Most people who attended were from Metro Vancouver, but there were a few from other parts of the province, other areas of Canada, and even some from the U.S.

Besides the interesting and educational seminars with titles like Courting Controversy: Dancing with the Devil, Your Blog is Boring and Your Photos Suck, and Awesome-izing Your Podcast (where I learned things I hope to use in future podcasts for the Buzzer), I met a bunch of the people I follow (and don’t) on Twitter and the blogosphere.

Having all these interesting stars of social media captive in one place, I thought I’d take the opportunity to do my first video post using my iPhone. This was a spur-of-the-moment descision, so please bear with me on this one. Next time, I’ll make sure to find a nice flat surface and quite place to shoot my video! Regardless, I think this gives some good snap shots of how local social media and bloggers view public transporation in our corner of the world.