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Transit on film: tearing down Smallville!

Transit on film: tearing down Smallville!

Smallville set in Burnaby
Superman, where are you?!

The smooth metal claws of a yellow excavator smash the wooden building just feet away from the news station. Onlookers watch powerlessly as the yellow mechanical behemoth surveys the normally quaint town for a new victim to smash into a thousand pieces. Will Camero Jewelers or the delightful Brasserie Georgina be the next to suffer at the bucket of the unstoppable digger of destruction? Wait, why is this charming street  being demolished anyway? And what news outlet is the “news station”?

As some of you may have noticed from your seats on the Expo Line/Millennium Line these last few weeks, the set of the popular TV show Smallville is being torn down. Yes, the ten-year run of Clark, Lois, and Lex finished in May 2011. Burnaby’s Beresford Street has been one of many locations used in Metro Vancouver and BC for the popular program. Check out this past post of Waterfront Station/Metropolis International Airport.

If you have a favorite view from transit (SkyTrain, Bus, SeaBus, West Coast Express) drop me a note at I might just make a blog post about it! Thanks to my colleague at SkyTrain for snapping these pictures of Smallville, Kansas… er Burnaby.

Another Smallville set shot in Burnaby
I wonder what a place above the restaurant would cost?

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