A story by retired bus operator Angus McIntyre

A story by retired bus operator Angus McIntyre


A local transit legend has been recently featured in one of the videos the Vancouver Park Board has commissioned as part of Vancouver’s 125th anniversary

Angus McIntyre started operating buses in Vancouver in 1969 and retired just last year. During this time, he operated different types of buses including Brill Trolly buses and worked for the different bus operating authorities in Metro Vancouver including BC Hydro and Power Authority, Metro Transit and Coast Mountain Bus Company.

Not only are the images curious peeks into Vancouver’s past, Angus’ voice tells a story of someone who truly cared for the work that he did and the people he moved.

Angus was awarded a lifetime achievement award by the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) for his 41 years of exemplary customer service and 36 years of safe driving. He’s also been inducted into the CUTA Hall of Fame and is the first “front-line” transit employee to be honoured. Here he is wearing his original BC Hydro uniform!