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Calculating savings on the cost of gas

Calculating savings on the cost of gas

Drivers often compare the cost of gas between stations, choosing the one offering a lower price even when it’s only a slight savings. Who hasn’t seen cars lining up at a gas station where the advertised price is a couple of cents lower than its competitors? Metro Vancouverites, situated as we are so close to the border with the United States, take it to a whole other level. A favourite weekend activity in these parts is a jaunt across the border for cheap dairy and, of course, gas.

But is it really worth it to go out of your way to get cheaper gas? This handy tool from the Globe and Mail can help answer that question.

Calculating gas cost savings
Find out how much you save (or don’t save) when you travel for cheaper gas.

Plunk in the size of your tank, your car’s fuel efficiency, the distance you have to drive, and the price of gas, and voilà! Out churns your expected savings (or cost!). What isn’t included here is how much you value your time. That $4 savings might be worth an extra 20 minutes of driving for one person, but isn’t worth it for you. Try out the calculator and decide for yourself.

Author: Tina Robinson


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