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Google maps, email and print options added to Trip Planner

Google maps, email and print options added to Trip Planner

Google map view
Trip Planner now uses Google Maps!

It was only last week that I wrote about the latest updates to Next Bus. This week’s exciting announcement is about a very significant update to the desktop version of Trip Planner. For years, people have been telling us how much they like using Google Maps. Trip planner has had its own map, but it pales in comparison to Google Maps’ functionality, usability and familiarity with uses. Well, I’m tickled to say that today is the official launch date of Google Maps on Trip Planner!

Google Maps

Like before, simply input your starting point and destination into Trip Planner, chose your preferred journey option by clicking “View Details”, then click on the map view. You’ll be brought to a Google map of your trip with your chosen route indicated by a coloured line. The map is easy to zoom in and out of, move around in any direction, and shows landmarks and other features that Google is regularly rolling out. If your trip has multiple legs, each leg is colour coded for ease of use and you can also chose to see the map in satellite and terrain views. The list of benefits of using Google maps goes on and on to be honest.

Email and print your trip!

email and print
You can now email and print your trip

Have you ever wanted to keep a copy of a trip you’ve previously planned through Trip Planner? Now you can! Both an “Email” and “Print” button have been added to the service. Once you’ve found the trip you want to save, simply email and/or print it, and you’ve saved it for next time! This is a great feature if you want to help family and friends find a location as well.

Please note that these new features are not yet available on the mobile version of Trip Planner. TransLink is aiming for these features to be added to the mobile version in 2012.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these new features. Leave a comment, question or what have you, and I’ll do my best to find an answer to help you with whatever you need. If I can’t, I’ll be more than happy to find someone at TransLink who can. Good trip planning to you!


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