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Links and tidbits for January 04, 2012

Links and tidbits for January 04, 2012

    A belated Happy New Year to you all! The trolley busses we use may not be that old, but the technology is pretty much the same as when BC Electric ran the trolley buses. Here’s a fun piece on dewiring and resetting trolley wires on Global News.

  • A subway bench that is clean, stain resistant and doubles as an art piece and leaning device. Could this be the coolest/best transit bench yet?
  • Montreal has the biggest one in North America, and Vancouver will soon have its own bike share. But it seems like U.S. cities are not as on board with the idea as their Canadian counterparts for a variety of reasons.
  • A look at the London Tube map of 2015 and 2019 — This blogger talks about expansion of the Ginger Line. I wonder if this will take you to the house of a certain Spice Girl?
  • Melbourne has a new rail stop (Epping), and it looks kinda like something the Empire would build in Star Wars. Here are some time-elapsed videos of the Epping and Thomastown stations and others in the state of Victoria in Australia.
  • Even cooler (and probably nearly as bright) is the new 1.4 billion dollar Fulton Street Transit Centre in New York. It features an amazing skylight called an “oculus” that brings light four storeys below street level.
    • Jarrett Walker of the Human Transit blog writes about a project that asks people to write music about metro stations around the world.
    • The Toronto Star references the Burnaby Gondola in a piece that questions if a gondola is better than boring new tunnels for Toronto transit.
    • No deal yet on the York transit strike as it enters its 11th week.
    • Fare hikes and cuts for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.
    • Googles Mapnificent helps you figure out destinations that are reachable by public transit within a particular time frame. I wonder how this can be used with Trip Planner in the future?
    • By June 2012, there will be 120 Tube stations in England with Wi-Fi. Do you think free Wi-Fi on the SkyTrain would be a real asset or not worth the effort?
    • The Dubai Metro has a 99.69% punctuality rate. And I thought the SkyTrain was punctual!
    • The Evergreen line is mention in a Seattle Transit Blog post that speaks to funding for future transit in that city.

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