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Monthly FareCards are now available on the 20th day of every month

Monthly FareCards are now available on the 20th day of every month

A sample of a 3-Zone monthly FareCard

Humans are prone to routines. Every month, there are bills to be paid by a particular date, food to be made at a particular time and monthly pass (FareCards) to be purchased at your favourite FareDealer vendor. If you’re an organized person or simply want to make the best use of each day you pay for transit with your FareCard, you may pick the same day every month as the day you pick up your new monthly card. For many, the 16th of the month has been the day to do this since this has been the first day that vendors could start selling monthly FareCards for the following month.

Starting this month, the first day that monthly FareCards can be purchased will be the 20th day of the month for all vendors of the cards. Due to the large volume of FareCards distributed to numerous vendors every month, shipments of the cards happen over a few days. Therefore, FareCards go on sale at different times depending on when each vendor receives cards. TransLink is standardizing the day that everyone can sell FareCards so that all vendors have the same opportunities to sell the cards and customers to purchase them.

Rituals and routines are not things that can be changed easily. So, it will take some getting used to for some people to pick up their cards a few days later than normal. However, repetition is a powerful force that will hopefully make the 16th of the month a distant memory. Mark your calendars for the 20th of January and the 20th of each month following for the rest of the year, my friends!


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