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Links & Tidbits for March 19, 2012

Links & Tidbits for March 19, 2012
The intersections in Holland look a little different than they do here. I spot only a handful of personal vehicles in two minutes. Thanks for the link, Joey Chiu!

  • Could robocars bring about the death of public transit? Man, my sci-fi mind is going crazy!
  • Here’s an example of how graphic design and transportation can be a beautiful marriage.
  • Have you ever wondered where the SkyTrain name came from? Well, before it was the train, it was a train in the sky. The name SkyTrain was first used by a now defunct British airline.
  • This guy tells you how to travel by train almost anywhere in the world.
  • And this guy is into transit marathons. That’s right. You can compete to see who can make a trip on transit from a to b the fastest. There are even rules to follow so that you can be documented by the Guinness Book of Records. If this hasn’t already been done in Metro Vancouver, then I think it’s time to start the competition!
  • Are there hard times ahead for Portland’s standout transit system?
  • This study shows that with real-time transit information, people’s perceptions of how long they have to wait for transit are more accurate than they are for systems without real-time transit information. I wonder if perceived wait times for people using transit in Vancouver have changed now that Next Bus is in real time?
  • In the February issue of the Buzzer, I asked readers to send in photos of what they thought could be a version of the Transit Game. Jason Vanderhill sent in this photo. Thanks, Jason!
  • The Canada Line has a new website. Check out all the latest service updates and blogs about the line!
  • Mass transit ridership in the U.S. hits a record high.
  • Now, here’s a great idea. The Metropolitan Transit Authority has a new app for people who want to experience and learn about all the public art on the New York transit system.

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