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Jeffrey Ellis: Buzzer illustrator interview

Buzzer illustrator Jeffrey Ellis and his illustration!

Jeffrey Ellis is the fellow behind our June 2012 Buzzer cover, and here’s a little interview to help you get to know him better. Enjoy!

Tell us about yourself and your art.
I am born and raised in Vancouver and studied Illustration and Design at Capilano College. I am a comic artist and Graphic Instructor. I am also the president of the Cloudscape Comics Society which is a group promoting local comic art. I am also writing a web comic called “Teach English in Japan” based on my own personal experiences.

How did you come up with your illustration?
I like drawing little scenes from the city, and I used the two characters to contrast staying informed on new schedules.

Do you ride transit? If so, what’s your favourite route? And where do you like to sit on a transit vehicle?
I don’t own a car, so it’s that or my bicycle. Most of my life has involved the #20 Victoria bus in some way or another, so it will always be my favorite bus. I always like to sit in the very back if possible. I try to move as far back as I can.

What art projects are you working on next?
Well my webcomic is ongoing at and Cloudscape has a new print book coming out shortly called ‘Giants of Main Street you can find details online at

Thanks Jeffrey!

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