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Transit in Vancouver vs Seattle vs Portland

Transit in Vancouver vs Seattle vs Portland

A busy SkyTrain station!

We’ve seen this link making the rounds, and just wanted to share!

Sightline Daily, the blog of the sustainability-researching Sightline Institute, wrote a post last week called Transit Smackdown: Seattle vs. Portland vs. Vancouver. (The Tyee also reposted the article.)

The conclusions show Vancouver outpacing the others. A quote:

But neither Portland nor Seattle can hold a candle to greater Vancouver, BC.

The simplest comparison among the three cities looks at the average number of bus and rail transit boardings per person, per year, in the entire metro area. And on that measure, Vancouver vastly outstrips its two southern neighbors.

There’s a great deal of discussion in the comments on both posts arguing about the analysis, but nonetheless: the data still provides a very interesting comparison highlighting our service!


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