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Look out for bus service changes starting Monday Sept 3, 2012

Look out for bus service changes starting Monday Sept 3, 2012

Bus changes are coming September 3, 2012!

Bye-bye summer, hello fall! With September just around the corner, students are going back to school and businesses are getting busier as many people head back to work after vacation.

September also means our regular service changes, to reflect higher demand, and our ongoing efforts to find ways of doing our business better. As many of you know, four times a year—in September, December, April and June—we make changes to be more efficient and make our services more productive.

We’ve got lots of changes coming September 3, 2012, but some of the highlights include:

  • A new trolley loop on University Boulevard at UBC, just across from the temporary trolley loop (here’s a map of it)
  • Higher service levels for many of the routes that take students to school
  • New boarding locations for buses at New Westminster Station (here’s a map)
  • The 595 will no longer operate on the segment between Maple Meadows Station and Haney Place (you can transfer between the 595 and 701 at Maple Meadows—the map of the new route is here)
  • Granville Mall reopens to traffic, meaning buses resume their normal downtown routes
  • The 5, 6 remain on their current Olympic routes after Labour Day
  • The 395 will increase to every 12 minutes in the morning and every 20 minutes in the afternoon. All trips on the 395 will start at 200th St & 64th Ave, providing more transit options for people living in the area and reducing the pressure on the 502
  • The 640 will convert from a Community Shuttle bus after 8 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays to a conventional 40’ bus, responding to increased demand caused by industrial growth along River Road.

You can check out all the transit service changes on our website to see if any of your usual routes are affected—and please help us spread the word to anyone who might be affected!


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