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Q & A with Ian Jarvis, TransLink CEO


As promised, here’s the second installment of our draft 2013 Base Plan video series. Today’s video is of TransLink CEO, Ian Jarvis, speaking about the cost-cutting measures we’re implemented over the past three years. It also answers the question I asked Buzzer blog readers earlier today, “True or false: TransLink hasn’t cut any costs in the last three years“. The answer, as 86% answered correctly in the poll, is false.

Every year, TransLink goes through a three-year budgetary process and produces a Base Plan. In the case of last year, we also produced a Supplementary Base Plan as well. We look at the money we have available to us and try our best to make a plan to spend it wisely over the next few years.

This year, creating a Base Plan has been particularly difficult considering the uncertainty of funding for TransLink in the near future. Depending on the outcome of a handful of financial challenges (take a look at the “Financial Challenges” tab of the draft 2013 Base Plan page) we’re currently faced with, TransLink may have to do some more deep cuts in the future.

These video, like the infographics on our draft 2013 Base Plan page, are aimed at distilling our currently challenges into a quickly digestible format. If you can, please do share them with people who you think may be interested in joining the conversation!

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