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Q & A with Bob Paddon, Executive Vice President, TransLink Strategic Planning and Public Affairs

The complete answer to today’s draft 2013 Base Plan poll is found by watching this video. In short, the answer to the poll question, True or false: TransLink can afford to provide all the transit service that people want?, is false.

It’s probably not the answer that most transit users want to hear, but it’s a realistic one considering the current financial challenge TransLink is currently facing.

Besides providing feedback about the draft 2013 Base Plan on the blog, there’s also our questionnaire or the PlaceSpeak 2013 Base Plan and Outlook survey.

Please feel free to share these videos. Our aim is to have more people informed and involved in the decisions that will shape the future of transit in our region.

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  • By tr, December 4, 2012 @ 1:32 pm

    Prove to us that the money is spent wisely. You’ll have all the support you need then.

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