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The October 2012 Buzzer is on the system

The October 2012 Buzzer is on the system

Wow, it’s October already! That means orange and yellow leaves on the ground, and a brand new Buzzer newsletter to read!

This month, we’re celebrating the 10th birthday of Community Shuttle. The fleet started off small and has grown to service numerous communities over a decade. This month’s newsletter contains some nice quotes from operators on how much they’ve enjoyed providing the service over the years.

The draft 2013 Base Plan poll questions are also in this issue. Buzzer blog readers have answered these poll questions with near accuracy when we’ve posted them on the blog. You guys are good!

We hope our coverage of International Walk to School Week (iWalk) in theis newsletter prompts some youth to give transit a try between October 8-12 this year. Make sure you check our blog post for more details on how kindergarten and elementary school as well as high school students with a valid GoCard can ride transit for free

An important service notice scheduled for later this month are the repairs to the SkyTrain power rails. The work will be happening overnight on Sundays through Thursdays starting at 9pm and finishing before the start of the next service day.

Unfortunately, because of the upgrade of the TransLink website, we won’t be able to upload the .pdf of this new Buzzer until October 10, 2012. But you can pick up a copy on the bus, SkyTrain, SeaBus and West Coast Express now!


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