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Fare checks up, infractions down – results of increased fare enforcement

Fare enforcement up, infractions down

One of the topics that we hear about most often here at TransLink is fare evasion and what we’re doing to stop it. Customers who pay the right fare understandably feel frustrated at the thought that there are people who don’t pay to use the system (also known as theft!).

Thankfully, it looks as if TransLink’s new powers of enforcement, along with a fare check blitz that started in the summer, are having an effect.

While we don’t have full fare evasion numbers yet – we have to wait for the results of our three annual fare audits for that – we do know that fare checks are up and the number of infraction tickets issued is down.

Let’s look at a comparison of the period September to November in 2011 and 2012. In 2011, we conducted 427,073 fare checks and gave out 9,221 violation tickets. In 2012 we conducted 586,129 fare checks, and gave out 8,898 bylaw infractions.

Doing the math, that’s 159,056 more checks, but 323 fewer tickets.

While it’s still too early to say that this is a clear trend, it does suggest that more people are paying their fair share. People seem to be more aware of the new penalties, and the fact that we’ve had increased fare enforcement on the system.

We’ll continue to track these figures in the coming months. And you can read online the full backgrounder with details of the legislation and what we know today about its impact so far.

Author: Tina Robinson


  • By Donald, December 18, 2012 @ 2:48 pm

    Lol I remember I was in a bad mood one day, my bus didn’t come so I had to walk to the West Coast Express Station and take the train after, and someone was checking tickets. I totally gave them a dirty stare as they topped off a crummy morning, poor people had no idea why. At least the passengers shown are happy.

  • By ???, December 18, 2012 @ 8:22 pm

    I would love to see more enforcement on the buses… especially the artics where the opportunity is higher with the rear loading doors. I’ve only see enforcement once on 99 where a few officers would jump in the rear doors and then check everyone. I’d like to see of this on the #20 and artics rolling past the Main St station. End the FreeLine service.

  • By Jim, December 20, 2012 @ 11:03 pm

    Imagine that, when you actually have some enforceable penalties people start complying, who could have known.

    And re: the freeline, perhaps more enforcement will be on the way once the Compass card/fare gates are in operation as one would assume not so much enforcement staff will then be needed on Skytrain.

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