Ask TransLink: Jason D and Candace K, Twitter customer information

Ask TransLink: Jason D and Candace K, Twitter customer information


From April 15 to May 10, you can Ask TransLink! We’re spotlighting one TransLink staff member every week and inviting you to ask them questions about their work. Find out all about the series.

Jason and Candace, Twitter customer information work leaders
Jason D and Candace K, Twitter customer information work leaders

The conversation starts at noon! Here’s the Reddit link!


Throw up your hands in the air for a couple members of TransLink’s fantastic Twitter team! If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll have reads tweet from either ^jd or ^ck among others. Everyday from the wee hours in the morning until late at night, Jason D (^jd) and Candace K (^ck) answer any and every type of question our riders tweet.

We’re super excited to have Jason and Candace answer your questions this week. For this installment of Ask TransLink, we’re doing things a little different. We’ll have Jason and Candace available for two hours this Thursday, May 2, 2013 starting at 12:00p.m. to answer your questions on Reddit!

Not sure what to ask them? Well, maybe this quick q & a will get your juices flowing.

Where you a Twitter user before you started this job?

^jd & ^ck: No

How is answering tweets different than answering someone’s question over the phone?

^jd & ^ck: We treat all inquires the same – whether by phone or tweet, this is done by focusing on providing accurate information and customer service, but keeping it into the character limit! 140 characters less the twitter handle characters of whom we are responding to.

Are most of the tweets you answer from people who regularly tweet @TransLink or are they from first timers?

^jd & ^ck: Both! We do have our ‘regulars’ but do see an increase in ‘first timers’ when transit issues occur ie. Snow days etc.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

^jd & ^ck: Communicating with our Tweeps! The ability to help people in real time, and our followers can also be a great source of information for us as well!! It works both ways.

Thanks guys! So, time to mark your calendars everyone. We’ll be posting a link to the Reddit conversation Thursday morning, May 2, 2013 around 11:30 a.m. See you there!