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The May 31, 2013 Buzzer is now on the system

The May 31, 2013 Buzzer is now on the system

May-31-2013-BuzzerWe have another Buzzer newsletter out this month! Yes, we needed to release this issue a little early since our next issue needs to coincide with the June service changes.

There’s lot of great stuff in this issue! Firstly, we note the 97th birthday of the Buzzer! Yup, only three more years till it’s 100! This post has some great history on the Buzzer.

We’re excited to offer an exclusive coupon you can cut out of the Buzzer to get entry to the Museum of Vancouver! We also have info on how you can win a cool bus scroll pillow! It’s all part of the MOV campaign to help people find their way to the museum.

This issue also has info on the Pattullo Bridge consultation in June. We’ll be posting more info on that soon! In the meantime, you can get all the info you need here at the Pattullo Bridge Review website.

West Coast Express ran an interesting campaign in April. They made one car in each train an Allergy Aware Zone. You’ll just have to read this issue to find out what that’s all about.

Contest corner, back issue and a note about our CFO’s big award and that pretty much captures what’s in the issue.

Remember, you can always download the Buzzer as .pdf (including back issues). The other option is to pick it up on the bus, SeaBus or SkyTrain!







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