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TransLink’s Cathy McLay wins a Business in Vancouver BC CFO of the Year Award!

TransLink’s Cathy McLay wins a Business in Vancouver BC CFO of the Year Award!

Cathy McLay
Congratulations Cathy!

We don’t often write about the awards our staff win, but when an honour as significant as the BC CFO of the Year Award is given to your Chief Financial Officer, we want to tell the world!

Honorees of the award are nominated by members of the business community (non-TransLink members of course) for their business performance relating to corporate growth, strategic decision making, solid business principles, overall performance execution and financial reporting.

Cathy was nominated in the Transformation Agents category for her efforts to successfully promote TransLink to financers across the country and North America, resulting in low-cost financing for vital capital projects.

Business in Vancouver has a great profile on Cathy which speaks to why Cathy is being honoured by her peers. The TransLink investors page has info on the results of Cathy’s work in choreographing TransLink’s ability to raise funding through Canadian debt capital markets.

Cathy is very humbled and appreciative of being honoured with the award, and gives high praise to her team at TransLink. As she puts it,

“I have never worked in an organization—and I say this on regular basis—where people are so passionate about what they do every day…they believe in what they do every single day and they want to make a difference in people’s lives and that’s contagious.”

Cathy will be collecting her award tonight at the third annual BC CFO Awards Gala.

Congratulations to Cathy for a job well done!


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