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Day #1 of Compass Beta testing


My Compass Beta card and how I make sure I don't forget it at home!

I’ve changed my mind about using my phone to hold my Compass Card for two reasons. #1 It doesn’t seem to scan all the time when in my case, and #2 It’s not the best idea to flash a valuable smartphone around in public ;). I’ve gone to simply swiping my card and so far it’s working! My Compass Beta card and how I make sure I don’t forget it at home!

As we mentioned on Friday, Compass Card Beta testing started yesterday. Our Compass Card expert, and blog contributor Pamela Findling, will provide a daily update on how the testing process is going over the next three weeks. Are you a tester? I am, and above is how I make sure I tap in and out on my way to work! – Robert – Buzzer Editor

Wow! Day one of Compass Beta testing is done and we’re thrilled with the energy on the system. As of yesterday afternoon, we had 5,300 cards in use out of 10,000 and 32,800 taps across the system, including on 758 buses.  About 70% of you are remembering to tap out, which is a great start.

We’ve also been getting lots of feedback from testers, including that the beeps are too loud (or too quiet), some of the validators on the buses are slow to respond and that you’re finding a few things that we need to look at, but overall, you’re excited to be a part of this huge milestone in the Compass project.

This feedback is all critical and an important part of Beta testing; please be sure to log your feedback on the beta test website so we have a record of it when we start refining the system. Unfortunately, we can’t respond to all of your suggestions immediately, but we are reading them and do appreciate you taking the time to update us.

A couple of cool stats for you:

  • Number of devices used: 4,283
  • Number of routes used: 207
  • Taps on buses for September 9: 17,747
  • Taps on rail for September 9: 15,062

Sample tester comments

  • First tap in and tap out using Compass on the bus, very easy.
  • Gonna ride the bus because #compassbetatest.
  • Whoohoo! All set and ready to test #compassbetatest! Excited to have been selected.

Be sure to follow along on Twitter at #compassbetatest.


  • By Tone1point1, September 10, 2013 @ 4:46 pm

    A couple of times a week I use 2 zone faresavers and during the beta test I am just spending a couple of extra $$ and using a day pass instead. That way I get to ride the system all day from Horseshoe to Tsawwassen or Richmond to Surrey if I want and tap on and off to my heart’s content. Besides who can resist spending a whole day just riding around on buses and trains? Yes I am one of *those* people. :D

  • By Simon fourt, September 11, 2013 @ 1:38 am

    I love this m
    New compass system very easy to use!

  • By Stefan, September 11, 2013 @ 11:30 am


    I posted this comment on a previous thread, but it appears to have been missed.

    I am a lifelong transit user, and for the last few years, have used FareSaver tickets, as they work better for those of us who have non-standard commute patterns (e.g., going home in the off-peak or mixing transit and driving).

    In cases like this, FareSavers are often more economical than buying a monthly FareCard. It would be nice to be able to transition smoothly to Compass before FareSavers are completely phased out, without having to switch to more expensive FareCards in the meantime.

    * Will there be a period during which customers can elect to switch to Compass early, before it’s mandatory?

    * Will FareSavers continue to be accepted in 2014, even after they’re no longer sold?

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