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Share your thoughts on the draft 2014 Base Plan!

Share your thoughts on the draft 2014 Base Plan!

2014 Base Plan
The cover of our draft 2014 Base Plan!

It’s that time of year again! We’re looking for your feedback on our draft 2014 Base Plan and Outlook.

By legislation, TransLink must prepare a base plan each year, which goes to the Mayors’ Council and Transportation Commissioner at the beginning of November.  The base plan outlines the programs and services that TransLink will deliver over the next three years, using existing funding sources.

What’s in the draft 2014 Base Plan?

This year, our financial situation is looking better than previously forecast, due to our strong focus on cost containment and efficiencies. This means we’ll continue to deliver the programs and services that were in last year’s plan. Over the 2014-2016 plan period:

  • Total transit service hours will remain the same, though we’ll continue to review performance and adjust service to meet demand while still providing service coverage.
  • The Major Road Network and regional cycling will receive the current level of funding.
  • We’ll move ahead with seven SkyTrain station upgrades and meet our commitments for Evergreen Line contributions.
  • There’s also some additional funding for potential rehabilitation for the BC Parkway and Pattullo Bridge.

While we’re able to deliver the programs and service listed above (and more!), this isn’t to say that we don’t face any financial challenges. Fuel sales are still declining in this region, which affects fuel tax revenue (our second largest source of revenue), and we are still relying on the sale of real estate to fund operations. As the plan states, the major challenge in the Plan and Outlook period will be to extend TransLink’s success in improving service through efficiencies.

At the same time, TransLink keeps its eye on the future transportation needs of Metro Vancouver, which is growing. Per capita service levels are already declining and will continue to do so without new funding. And we know there are many transportation projects on the regional priority list. It seems clear that new funding sources will be needed to accommodate current demands and future growth.

Over the plan period, TransLink will continue to partner with stakeholders, as well as Metro Vancouver public and businesses, to develop an implementation plan that will help our region reach the goals set out in the Regional Transportation Strategy.

Share your thoughts!

You can find a summary of the draft 2013 Base Plan on our website. For all the detail you could possibly want, the full detailed draft 2013 Base Plan is also available to download and read.

We’re asking for your input into what you think of the plan. Fill out the online survey between today and October 18. The information gathered will be used to update the plan.

As always, leave your questions in the comments below, and we’ll do our best to get you the answers!

UPDATE: November 4, 2013

The 2014 Base Plan was approved October 30, 2013. It now becomes our strategic plan for 2014. You can read the final version on the Base Plan page of the TransLink website.

Author: Tina Robinson


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